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Hi. I’m Kelly Dun, but you’ve probably already guessed that by now. Welcome to my portfolio blog!

I created this blog so that I can showcase the projects and works that I’ve created and been involved with. Some of the works presented here are side projects that I work on in my spare time, while the other works are projects that I have worked on at previous jobs. Not everything I’ve done is showcased here. Just the projects that I’ve found personally interesting.

Aside from showcasing my work, I’m also planning on using the blog portion as my professional brain dump. What does that mean exactly? It means that whatever useful bits of information I come across, whether it be programming related, design related, or just some out there idea, I’ll blog it. The idea is to write it down so that if I forget, I can always look it up later.

I hope that you enjoy my work. If you’re interested in contacting me, you can fill out the contact form or visit my LinkedIn profile.

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