Hi10p Transcoder

Hi10p Transcoder

The Hi10p Transcoder is a utility that I created in my spare time to convert batches of 10-bit encoded video files into 8-bit encoded video files. Driving this project was my desire to continue to watch fan-subtitled videos on my set-top player connected to my television.

Written in C# / WPF, the application was designed in the MVVM paradigm with simplicity and ease of use as the goal. Originally I started creating the transcoder as a Silverlight application, but the sandboxing limitations prevented me from performing the two most critical functions: being able to directly access the file system for batch operations, and being able to execute the FFmpeg process which performs the encoding. Despite the setback, I was able to quickly switch gears and reuse 90% of the existing code by converting the project into a traditional Windows WPF application.

While researching to see if there were comparable utilities, it became clear that I wasn’t the only one with the desire to convert 10-bit videos into 8-bit videos. So I decided to distribute my utility freely as a way of giving back to the fan-subtitling community.

The project can be found at http://hi10ptranscoder.wordpress.com, which has links to 32-bit and 64-bit installers of the utility along with usage documentation.

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